Congratulations, you’re pregnant! Pregnancy is such a blessing but with it often comes aches and pains. Your body is constantly changing during pregnancy to make room for the baby growing inside of you and this can often lead to low back pain, sciatica, upper back pain, and pelvic pain, to name a few. Receiving chiropractic care during pregnancy can help decrease your pain and may also decrease labor times and reduce the likelihood for a C-section. Dr. Annie is certified in the Webster Technique, which is an extremely gentle chiropractic technique used on pregnant women that restores the bio-mechanical function of the pelvis and helps your baby assume the best possible position for birth. For more information on the Webster Technique and corresponding research, visit the ICPA website.

Once you give birth, you may still have some aches and pains. This is normal considering you just carried a baby for 9 months! Dr. Annie believes that it is vital for all her pregnant mothers to continue care after their babies are born. The process of growing a baby and then giving birth is very hard on your body. Chiropractic re-aligns the spine and allows you to be your best self for your new baby!