The following information is based on published research. We did not make it up, but we do use it to help you and your family stay healthy!


Pain management

Pain or discomfort is the brain telling you something is wrong. At Brennan Family Chiropractic, we work with you to find the underlying cause of your pain and use our vast set of skills to get you out of that pain as quickly as possible. If you have ever told yourself “it’s no big deal”, “I’ve had this for years”, or “I wish there was a chiropractor near me who could help”, then our office may be right for you!

Our bodies are amazing self-healing organisms; however, when we suffer a trauma or reoccurring pain, our bodies need extra help to fully recover. Please reach out to our office ASAP if you are experiencing pain.


Improved mobility

There are many benefits to improving your mobility such as fewer injuries and stronger muscles. We can mold our bodies depending on how we use them. Some muscles can become stronger/weaker than others. Weaker muscles increase our chances of injury. Improving posture and balance, working on the muscle imbalances and establishing proper alignment allows us to achieve greater strength and improved physical performance.



Utilizing resistance exercise is one of the most effective ways to build muscle and improve bone density. Improving strength will help to support and stabilize the joints. Last, but not least, are the well documented benefits that resistance exercise may have on our emotional health.